Launch Dates: BBC Local Radio 

13 December 2006

Station Official launch Closed
3CR 5-Apr-1993
Bedfordshire (see 3CR) 24-Jun-1985 4-Apr-1993
Berkshire 26-Jan-1991
Birmingham 7-Nov-1970
Blackburn (see Lancashire) 26-Jan-1971 4-July-1981
Brighton (see Sussex) 14-Mar-1968 Oct-1983
Bristol 4-Sep-1970
Cambridgeshire 1-May-1982
Carlisle 24-Nov-1973 1982
Cleveland 1974
Cornwall 17-Jan-1983
Cumbria 1982
CWR 19-Jan-1990
Derby 29-Apr-1971
Devon 17-Jan-1983
Durham ?
Essex 5-Nov-1986
Furness (opt-out of Cumbria) 25-May-1982
GLR (see London Live) 25-Oct-1988 Mar-2000
GMR 30-Oct-1988 2-Apr-2006
Guernsey 16-Mar-1982
Hereford and Worcester 14-Feb-1989
Humberside 25-Feb-1971
Jersey 15-Mar-1982
Kent 1984
Lancashire 4-July-1981
Leeds 24-June-1968
Leicester 8-Nov-1967
Lincolnshire 11-Nov-1980
London (see GLR) 6-Oct-1970 24-Oct-1988
London 1-Oct-2001
London Live Mar-2000 30-Sep-2001
Manchester (see GMR) 10-Sep-1970 29-Oct-1988
Manchester 3-Apr-2006
Medway(see Kent) 18-Dec-1970 1984
Merseyside 22-Nov-1967
Newcastle 2-Jan-1971
Norfolk 11-Sep-1980
Northampton 16-June-1982
Nottingham 31-Jan-1968
Oxford 29-Oct-1970 8-Apr-1996
Oxford 14-Feb-2000
Sheffield 15-Nov-1967
Shropshire 23-Apr-1985
Solent 31-Dec-1970
Southern Counties Sep-1994
Stoke(-on-Trent) 14-Mar-1968
Suffolk 12-Apr-1990
Surrey (see Sussex and Surrey) 1992 1993
Sussex (see Sussex and Surrey) Oct-1983 1993
Sussex and Surrey (see Southern Counties) 1993 1994
Teesside (see Cleveland) 31-Dec-1970 1974
Thames Valley 9-Apr-1996 13-Apr-2000
WM ?
Wiltshire 4-Apr-1989
York 4-July-1983

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Virendra Patel 13 January 2015 at 10:57 pm

BBC Radio Gloucestershire, is missing from your list. The official launch date, was 3rd October, 1988.

Jerry Ralph 29 April 2015 at 5:15 pm

Does anyone out there know exactly when in 1984 Radio Medway became Radio Kent? I’ve looked everywhere and I cannot find any information. Even the old recording I’ve found online doesn’t give a date…

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