Paying the piper, or How I learned to stop worrying about the BBC and start begruding Sky’s megaprofits 

15 November 2003

Latest Sky financial results press release

Is anyone here concerned about BSkyB’s profits being too high?

If you consider that the majority of their profit appears – according to their press release – to come from the unjustified ‘tax’ on multichannel television they extort on the ordinary viewer who begrudges paying, their boasting about the unique way they are funded, a Government-supported levy on our wallets, seems a very cold dish.

And for all their claims about ‘accountability’ and ‘responding to the viewers’, I can see no contact number on the press release for anyone who wants to call them and complain about this leeching of ordinary, decent people’s hard-earned money.

This is disgusting, and I hope the Government begins an immediate inquiry – headed by somebody who hates Sky and is therefore ‘neutral’ – into the future of its services and funding and takes action accordingly.

(By the way, the words ‘Sky’ and ‘the BBC’ in this article are interchangable, depending on which paper you read).

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