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2 October 2003

Granada writes

An update to Telemusications – a very detailed article by Dave Jeffery, originally published by EMC in September 2002, is nothing less than hardcore presentation: the fonts of Granada through the ages.

A fascinating and unmissable read that tells the reader everything s/he needs to know about graphic design since the dawn of the (independent) television age.

Over on EMC, Bitstream MetaEditor Ian Beaumont invites us to redraw the map of ITV, taking advantage of that there new-fangled digital technology. But would such a redrawing of the cartography benefit ITV? Would anything?

And finally [bong!] don’t forget that Transdiffusion thrives on articles sent in by our readers. Andrew Hesford-Booth tells us why he became a regular writer, whilst we invite you all to get involved too – just drop us a line telling us what you’d like to write about and we’ll write right back!

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