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23 September 2003

Whilst the Transdiffusion Broadcasting System has been around for about 40

years (we’re celebrating the big 4-0 next year for very complex reasons),

22 September is our anniversary on the web.

And, as usual, we like to bring you something special. So join us in the

widespread world of Transdiffusion…


Telemusications from Transdiffusion

Presenting: TELEVISION HOUSE – the widespread world of Rediffusion

ITV was born on 22 September 1955 when Leslie Mitchell first said “This is


THIS is Television House – looking in depth at all that was Rediffusion,

from radar to Small Time, Redvers Kyle to Thames, the TVTimes to ITN.

Join us on a guided tour of Television House, the new subsite from

Telemusications – or, if you like,


Turn in, Blog on, Drop out

From the new-look 7DAYS (TV/News/Web, bitesize) comes a weblog: the

MediaBlog. Media news, random thoughts of the writers and Staff Editors at

Action-Central, and site updates. Connect to the web and surf the media

with the 7DAYS MediaBlog.


Electromusications from Transdiffusion

Site: Ident Published: 21 September 2003


Richard Elen urges us not to blame the agencies

Site: seefour Published: 21 September 2003


Ian Beaumont follows the many eras of the fourth channel

Seefour is our new microsite about the fourth channel

Site: EMC Third Programme Published: 21 September 2003


Robin Carmody sees the horror at the heart of a heartless campaign

Site: Baird Published: 11 September 2003


A contemporary article by Maurice Gorham on the post-war rebirth of BBC TV

Site: 7DAYS #NEW LOOK!# Published: 30 August 2003


Glenn Aylett asks which was best – television then or now?

Site: Inside TV Published: 30 August 2003


Third time wasn’t so lucky for BBC3. Now give Ian Beaumont a go.

Site: TVHeroes Published: 30 August 2003


Carl Ellis takes us into the war years and beyond

Site: SoundsON Published: 17 August 2003


Richard Elen on the pure joy of folk music for daily start-ups

Site: Halcyon Days Published: 17 August 2003


Andrew Bowden stops to watch Saddam fall to earth

Site: GeoHistory Published: 17 August 2003

ITV 1956

Richard Elen traces the path of the ITV network

Site: Inside TV Published: 17 August 2003


But Ian Beaumont thinks broadcasters are missing the pound

Oh no…

Site: MeejaTypes Published: 3 September 2003


Captain Brownlegg DSO, RN (Rtd) reaches cloth cap and whippet land.

Site: MeejaTypes Published: 30 August 2003


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