1 January 2001

Sbectel is S4C’s analogue teletext service, and is bilingual, showing information in Welsh on one page and in English on the other.

The ‘888’ service is not subtitles for the hearing impaired – it’s the TRANSL888 function giving English subtitles to Welsh-only programmes. Welsh subtitles for the deaf and for those learning the language (Simplified Welsh) appear on page 889.

Sbectel from S4C

Sbectel from S4C

Sbectel from S4C in Welsh..

...and again in English.

The screens above show, respectively, programmes on the bilingual S4C analogue services, programmes on the Welsh-only digital service, and details of the day’s edition of magazine programme ‘Heno’, in Welsh on page 1/2 and English on page 2/2.

More pages from Sbectel can be found on Teletext Then And Now

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